Rene | Success Story from Ideal You in Bend, Oregon

This program changed my life and changed the way I will look at food forever.     I began the program on June 25, 2015, and by Memorial Day, a short 5 months, I had lost 50 lbs! I originally made a goal of 40 lbs, thinking that was going to be tough, but the change in my eating habits (I don’t call this a diet) made it so easy that I decided I’d always had that “extra 10 lbs” everyone always talks about and I might as well lose that too.

Besides weight loss, the other benefits of this program were that I no longer am required to take blood pressure medication. My cholesterol is now perfect, and I will likely transition off the small dosage of that medication as well. I began the program with a metabolic age of 62 and am now 42! And I feel it too!

I have never felt better, my joints don’t ache, my stomach doesn’t hurt and I don’t have the bloating and gassiness I had in the past. I feel good about myself, and can’t wait to attend every public function I can! I am now in the maintenance phase and even though I can “cheat” and have more of the foods I used to eat I really don’t desire them in the way I used to.

I tell everyone I can about this program, not only because it was easy and it works, but because I feel so much better mentally and physically.